Rayenehdaran has been utilizing modern supply chain management knowledge in every step of delivering its commercial & procurement services. We have developed necessary infrastructure including national & international connections, web-based sourcing system, dedicated export / import storage tanks, dedicated warehouse, and etc.

Management Services

Years of providing management services such as project / program management, asset management / maintenance, and improvement / change management in the fields of refining, petrochemical, mining, and urban & infrastructure are a good indication of Rayenehdaran’s strength in these areas.


EPC Projects

Built on our background and invaluable experiences in both procurement & management fields, we are also a well-known company in delivering EPC projects in consortium with National and International companies.

Online Market

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Our Ebooks

Process Classification Framework (Persian)
Process Classification Framework (Persian)
The Manager's Non-Revenue Water Handbook (Persian)
The Manager's Non-Revenue Water Handbook (Persian)
The Manager's Non-Revenue Water Handbook (Arabic)
The Manager's Non-Revenue Water Handbook (Arabic)
Enterprise Programme Management (Persian)
Enterprise Programme Management (Persian)

Who We Are

Rayenehdaran was established by a group of pioneering managers and engineers in the year 2000. Valuable experiences gained through the successful implementation of numerous management & procurement projects and the satisfaction of our great employers in the fields of Oil, Gas, Refining, Petrochemical- Mining & Industry-water & wastewater reflect our strength in these areas.

As an independent and private company, we have always strived to team up with world-class national and international companies in a win-win framework in order to be able to provide better services.

Progress in Recent 2 Years

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