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Rayenehdaran was established by a group of pioneering managers and engineers in the year 2000. Valuable experiences gained through the successful implementation of numerous management & procurement projects and the satisfaction of our great employers in the fields of Oil, Gas, Refining, Petrochemical- Mining & Industry-water & wastewater reflect our strength in these areas.

As an independent and private company, we have always strived to team up with world-class national and international companies in a win-win framework in order to be able to provide better services.

Progress in Recent 2 Years

Goals Achivement


Rayenehdaran has been utilizing modern supply chain management knowledge in every step of delivering its commercial & procurement services.

In line with that, we have developed necessary infrastructure including national & international connections, web-based sourcing system, dedicated export/import storage tanks, dedicated warehouse, etc. All these facilities have made Rayenehdaran organized, capable, and efficient in procuring chemicals, catalyst, and specialized equipment for various industries. We ensure our clients of quick delivery of our products at competitive prices.

Management Services

Years of providing management services such as project/program management, asset management/maintenance, and improvement/change management in the fields of oil, gas, refining, petrochemical, mining & industry, urban & infrastructure are a good indication of Rayenehdaran’s strength in these areas.


EPC Projects

Built on our background and invaluable experiences in both procurement & management fields, we are also a well-known company in delivering EPC projects in consortium with National and International companies.

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Our Ebooks

Process Classification Framework (Persian)
Process Classification Framework (Persian)
The Manager's Non-Revenue Water Handbook (Persian)
The Manager's Non-Revenue Water Handbook (Persian)
The Manager's Non-Revenue Water Handbook (Arabic)
The Manager's Non-Revenue Water Handbook (Arabic)
Enterprise Programme Management (Persian)
Enterprise Programme Management (Persian)

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